Bipartisan legislation that would authorize U.S. government funds to be given to relief groups directly providing assistance to displaced Iraqi and Syrian Christians unanimously passed through the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law a measure that will ban the procedure of dismemberment abortion, which involves ripping apart a human fetus and then removing the pieces one at a time from a womb.

The persecution of Christians in the Middle East carried out by Islamic State is a "genocide" the depletion of Christianity from its ancient homeland "must" and "will" end, according to Vice President Mike Pence.

A group of three church-affiliated hospitals can be exempted from the demands of a federal retirement income law, according to a unanimous decision by the United States Supreme Court.

The United States Supreme Court has declined to review the case of former Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling, who claims that she was unfairly convicted at court-martial and discharged from the Marines after she refused to remove cutouts of a paraphrased Bible verse from her work station.

American presidents, regardless of political party, often garnered intense angry emotion from people across the world. Public figures and celebrities are no exception.

Organizers of the annual March for Marriage in Washington, D.C. say they have a renewed enthusiasm with the election of President Donald Trump, whose administration they view as more favorable to their ideals and support for traditional marriage and religious liberty than his predecessor.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback didn't deny rumors on Thursday that he could to be nominated by President Donald Trump as the next ambassador for international religious freedom and wouldn't say whether he plans to complete his term as governor.

President Donald Trump garnered headlines for his decision to have the United States pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, an international effort combating man-made climate change.

President Donald Trump's administration on Thursday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to revive his plan to temporarily ban travelers from six Muslim-majority nations after it was blocked by lower courts that found it was discriminatory.

The Trump Administration is looking to roll back the regulations of former President Barack Obama's controversial Health and Human Services contraception mandate, according to a leaked government document obtained by Vox.

The state of Illinois' social services policies now bar social workers from employment and foster families from caring for children if they refuse to facilitate a child's gender transition.

A Nevada physician is exposing insurance companies that are denying patients coverage for life-sustaining treatments but instead are offering assisted suicide pills.

A biological female student who identifies as a man can use the boys' restroom at a Wisconsin school, ruled a three-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Planned Parenthood has finally released its much anticipated annual report which shows that not only has the nation's largest abortion provider increased its abortion output and profit in the last year but also performed fewer cancer screenings, STD testing and other health services while accepting more federal funding than ever before.

Speaking in front of human rights and religious freedom advocates last week, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recounted an encounter he had with a Sudanese Christian mother of two who was imprisoned and put on death row simply because she wouldn't renounce her faith in Christ.

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson broke a nearly two-decade old tradition by declining to host a special celebration honoring the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which takes place this year from May 26 until June 24.

Americans fall into five dominant faith segments, says Barna, which set out to find what people in these categories believe about some of the most contentious political and spiritual issues of the day.

There have been no improvements in religious freedom in the U.S. Armed Forces under President Donald Trump, according to one conservative Christian chaplain.

The Kim regime in North Korea, which has imprisoned, tortured and even killed thousands of Christians, is terrified of the Gospel, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., told North Korean freedom activists gathered on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

A retired United States Army chaplain is taking issue with a recent Newsweek piece claiming that the election of Donald Trump has created a rise in "radical Christians" within the military.

Despite the fact that a report released Wednesday unearthed how the National Security Agency under President Barack Obama routinely violated the privacy rights of Americans, the three major left-leaning broadcast news networks neglected to shed light on the issue during their evening broadcasts.

President Donald Trump prayed to have God's wisdom as he touched the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem Monday.

A Texas judge sued over opening his courtroom sessions with prayer is seeking to dismiss the complaint leveled against him by a Wisconsin-based atheist organization.

A major newspaper has published a editorial penned by a novelist who says she cast a spell on President Trump last month, believes it is working, and is encouraging others to join her as she continues.

Bono of the band U2 stated on the Tuesday episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that he does not believe President Donald Trump cares his less fortunate supporters and that it would be hard to work alongside him to combat global poverty.

President Donald Trump and Roman Catholic Church leader Pope Francis met on Wednesday at the Vatican where they spoke for 30 minutes in private, and vowed to fight together for life, peace, and freedom of worship.

A group of entities, including a Catholic Archdiocese, are suing the City of St. Louis, Missouri over a recently enacted anti-discrimination ordinance that makes the decision to have an abortion a protected class.

President Donald Trump's views on Islam "continue to evolve," according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in the wake of the president's address in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which is earning him praise among notable Christian figures.

At least one former Obama administration official is concerned that a recent memo sent out by a top Pentagon official leaves open the possibility that the armed services could reconsider an Obama-era policy forcing them to accept transgender recruits.

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